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Sleepathy™ Max Sleeping Headphones
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Sleepathy™ Max Sleeping Headphones

I use this mask every night and has been sleeping deeper! It cancels out the noise and keeps me asleep through the night. - Robert Peterson, USA 

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Fall asleep faster and deeper without disruptive noises, bright lights and uncomfortable headphones!

  • Block noise and light sleep distractions

  • Extremely effective for light sleepers

  • Wirelessly listen to sleep music & meditation

  • Made with breathable fabrics for sensitive skin

  • Free worldwide shipping

  • High Quality Back Relief Device

  • 60 Day Money back-guarantee

Sleep deprivation is a common problem that’s affecting millions of people.

We understand your struggle from trying to fall asleep whether it’s from your husband’s snoring, racing mind or from noisy distractions around you.  

Well you’re not alone, an estimate of 50-70 million people are getting 2-3 hours of sleep which is below the recommended average. This can severely impact your physical & mental health. 

That’s why we partnered with sleep experts to create a solution and help people around the world get better sleep.

Discover how light sleepers achieve disturbance-free sleep

We made Sleepathy for people who are looking to have more control over their sleep. 

8 out of 10 people who uses Sleepathy reported getting deeper and longer sleep in the first week of using it.

The reason why? It's because of music therapy with a combination of light blockout to naturally increase melatonin production to help you fall asleep faster.

Block noise and light disturbances

Ever wonder why babies need lullabies while they sleep? It’s because music has a huge impact on our emotions and stress levels.

  • Listening to calming and soothing music before bedtime can help relax your body and mind, making it easier for you to fall asleep and achieve a more restful sleep.

  • Try it for yourself to see how it works for you. Don't worry since we have a 60 day guarantee. If it's not for you, simply send us a email and we'll return your money hassle free.

Here’s why you can’t sleep with your regular earphones

Listening to your white noise or sleep meditation in your earphones is IMPOSSIBLE.

It's either you are constantly losing one of your earbuds in the bed or waking up with sore ears from sleeping with the earbuds in.

  • Whether you sleep on your side or back, Sleepathy has built-in wireless headphones that are slim and comfy specifically made for sleeping.

  • Stream continuously all night up to 10-12 hours in full charge.

Customer Success Stories

Trusted By More Than 21,970+ Customers Globally

Fall asleep faster with relaxing music therapy:

Sleep experts recommend listening to sleep sounds such as white noise, sleep meditation tunes and soothing musis. Here's how music helps with your sleep:

  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety:

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    Gentle and calming music reduces stress and anxiety, promoting easier and better sleep.

  • Promoting Relaxation:

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    Music with a slow tempo induces relaxation, preparing the body for sleep with slower breathing and decreased heart rate.

  • Distracting from Negative Thoughts:

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    Listening to music helps distract from negative thoughts, redirecting focus to a calming state for improved sleep.

  • Establishing a Bedtime Routine:

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    Incorporating music into a bedtime routine signals the brain to wind down, aiding in the establishment of healthy sleep patterns.

  • Improving Sleep Quality:

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    Consistent use of music therapy enhances sleep quality, leading to longer and uninterrupted sleep.

  • Masking Background Noise:

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    Soft music acts as a buffer, masking disruptive external noises for those sensitive to background sounds during sleep.

Extra features that you'll love

  • Connect Any Bluetooth Device - Seamlessly pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

  • Hypoallergenic And Breathable Material Perfect For Sensitive Skin - Made with skin-friendly, breathable fabrics

  • Lasts Up To 12 Hours Of Continuous Streaming - Uninterrupted restful sleep with a long-lasting battery life

  • Designed For Back, Side & Stomach Sleepers - Accommodate all sleep positions even if you move while you sleep

Order today and receive our $24.99 sleep sound track made by our sleep experts...

usually sold separately, contains 50 sounds proven for improved sleep and is included with all orders placed today. Don't miss this fantastic offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help finding an answer to your question? Ask our customer support at

What is the difference between the Sleepathy Original and Sleepathy Max?

Sleepathy Original has the control button on the side which is more suitable for front and back sleepers while Sleepathy Max has the control button on the middle which is made for side sleepers and those who move, toss and turn while sleeping. Also Sleepathy Max has a dedicated eye space for those with long lashes or lash extensions in its 3D cup design.

For battery life, Sleepathy Original has 12 hours playing time if used continuously while Sleepathy max has 15 hours playing time. Both can last all night and may vary depending on usage.

Regardless, both masks have excellent quality.

Does this put too much pressure on the eyes and ruin my eyelashes / eyelash extensions?

We suggest you try our Sleepathy Max as it has a dedicated eye space so it won't rub into your eyes and put too much pressure on them. This is because Sleepathy Max has a 3D cup design.
What's included in the Ultimate Sweet Dreams Soundtrack?

"THE ULTIMATE SWEET DREAMS SOUNDTRACKS" is an ASMR delight(like a trip to the spa/sound therapy) for shallow sleepers, insomniacs, tired minds and bodies.

Let the 14 selected music take you on a relaxing journey that heals your optimal physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Activate. Meditate. Regenerate.

*Studies have shown that adults who listen to relaxing music before bed are more likely to fall asleep faster, longer, better, and less likely to experience interrupted sleep and insomnia.

Is the mask washable? How to clean it?

Yes, the sleeping mask is washable. You can clean the mask by removing the headphones inside the mask. We also recommend you to do hand washing instead of machine wash. 

Will the mask size fit me?

The Sleepathy mask is one-size-fits-all that is adjustable with a velcro strap. This mask fits kids starting from age 9 to adults.  

Can you set a timer to switch off the music from the mask?

You can set a timer through bluetooth and even download applications for setting up your audio. We recommend downloading the SleepTimer application from PlayStore.

Can you pause, play or stop using the buttons on the mask?

The Sleepathy mask has its main controller with a play and pause power button, volume up and volume down button.
Does it get too hot to wear?

The Sleepathy mask is made from breathable material that keeps you cool all night long. 

What is your shipping & return policy?

All orders are expertly customized, prepared and shipped within 1~3 days. We offer FREE, insured shipping worldwide. Typical shipping time is 7~14 days. Please see our full shipping policy here.

Standard Shipping Time

Order Processing Time: 1~3 days

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60 night trial guarantee

At Sleepathy, we understand that sleep is important to you. And with our customer satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured that your purchase is risk-free. Order now and experience the difference for yourself!

Still can’t get the sleep you expect from us after 60 days? Simply return it and we’ll take care of your refund with zero hassle. Seriously. We’re this committed to giving you the best sleep you deserve.

100 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, then you may return your order for a full refund with no questions asked.

With 975+ 4.9 star reviews, we pledge to provide you with the highest levels of value, quality, and personal service available, so your complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

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