• Where can we ship?

We ship Sleepathy masks worldwide. 

  • Can you set a timer to switch off the music from the mask?

You can set a timer through bluetooth and even download applications for setting up your audio. We recommend downloading the SleepTimer application from PlayStore.

  • Can you pause, play or stop using the buttons on the mask?

The Sleepathy mask has its main controller with a play and pause power button, volume up and volume down button.

  • Is the mask washable? How to clean it?

Yes, the sleeping mask is washable. You can clean the mask by removing the headphones inside the mask. We also recommend you to do hand washing instead of machine wash. 

  • Do you offer a refund if we don’t like the product?

Yes, we offer a 30-night risk-free trial if you don’t like the mask.

  • What can I listen to? Can you listen to other apps or only the sleeping apps?

You can listen to almost any audios and apps like spotify music, podcasts, white noise available on your device via bluetooth connection.

  • Does it get too hot to wear?

The Sleepathy mask is made from breathable material that keeps you cool all night long.

  • Can I receive calls from the mask?

Yes, you can receive and answer calls from the mask via bluetooth connection.

  • Can you still hear the alarm when you wear the mask?

Yes, you can still hear the alarm as the mask only cancels ambient noise. Alarms are still heard considering that they are in loud volume.

  • How long does the battery lasts?

If charged completely, the battery in continuous playtime will last for 10-12 hours, a complete night's sleep and can still last longer depending on usage.

  • How can I purchase it?

As of the moment, you can only order via our website.

  • Is it okay for side sleepers?

The Sleepathy mask is designed to fit any kind of sleepers whether you're a back, side or stomach sleeper.

  • Will the mask size fit me? 

The Sleepathy mask is one-size-fits-all that is adjustable with a velcro strap. This mask fits kids starting from age 9 to adults. 

  • Can the person next to you hear the sound?

No, the sounds can only be heard by the person wearing the mask.

  • Does the mask automatically shut off when you don't play music anymore?

Unfortunately, the Sleepathy mask doesn't have an automatic shut off feature. It will continue to work until it runs out of battery.

  • Is it okay to use for CPAP users?

Yes, the Sleepathy mask can be used by CPAP users.

  • Can it cancel noise without music on?

The Sleepathy mask comes with an activated noise reduction that cancels out ambient noises. Add in low volume music to cover louder noises. 

  • How long does it take to charge?

The Sleepathy mask is completely charged after having a complete 3 hours of charging time and once the blinking stops.

  • Is it okay to use on kids?

Yes, the Sleepathy Mask is safe to use on kids.